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Calibration of Pressure Gauge Calibration of CTM
Calibration of UTM Calibration of Proving Ring
RPM checking of Electric Motor


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    Rahul Engineers Laboratory Pvt Ltd offers precise calibration services for a range of equipment essential for quality assurance in construction and engineering. Our calibration services encompass Compression Testing Machines (CTM), ensuring accurate measurement of compressive strength in materials like concrete and asphalt. Pressure gauge calibration guarantees the reliability of pressure measurements critical in various industrial processes and testing applications.

    Furthermore, our calibration expertise extends to proving rings, vital components in load testing and material strength assessment. By calibrating proving rings, we ensure the accuracy of load measurements, essential for upholding safety standards and verifying structural integrity. Additionally, we provide calibration services for vibrating machines, maintaining the precision of vibration testing equipment used in research, quality control, and material characterization.

    With careful attention to detail and commitment to international standards, our calibration services ensure the reliability and accuracy of your testing equipment, contributing to the integrity and success of your projects. Trust Rahul Engineers Laboratory Pvt Ltd for comprehensive calibration solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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